University of Wisconsin-Madison Physical Sciences Lab

Example: Enhanced Hot Water Drill Hose Reel

EHWD large hose reel sled

The PSL instrument shop fabricated and assembled several major components of the enhanced hot water drill in collaboration with the UW-Madison ICDS. The reel holds 2500 meters of 4-inch (10cm) diameter high-pressure hose. It is one of the biggest pieces of equipment ever made in the PSL shop. The hose reel is mounted onto three large skis to facilitate its movement over snow. Major components of the hose reel assembly are made of steel; the end flanges are aluminum. Weight of each component has been minimized to lower the cost of transportation and to meet weight restrictions for air transportation. The skis are designed wide enough to prevent the hose reel from sinking into the packed snow. The whole hose reel was designed to be disassembled into pieces “small” enough to ship by cargo aircraft to the South Pole. The drive system has been designed and constructed at PSL. Final assembly of the hose reel and testing was done at PSL. The hose reel was disassembled, shipped, and reassembled at the South Pole.