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Example: Wolf Diagnostics Training Kit

Wolf Diagnostic Testing Kit

Wolf Appliance is a manufacturer of high-end residential appliances, whose products are sold worldwide. Wolf developed a lower price version of their highly successful wall oven. The new oven had digital touchscreen controls and built-in diagnostics and self-test. Before product introduction, Wolf wanted field service staff prepared to handle any installation and service issues. They needed a service technician training module that could be shipped around the world and stored when not needed for training. It had to be able to simulate the error operating conditions of the oven while hiding the error situation from the trainee.

PSL developed a package that was robust enough to be shipped by commercial carrier, had a form factor and handle for hand carry, and a fold-open design that allowed the trainer to operate the simulator across the table from the trainee. The training module was developed in three phases. The first phase was a concept paper that discussed possible alternatives each with graphic illustrations. After concept selection a foam board mockup was created using the actual oven control panel. The third phase was a prototype of the training module. Production of 30 training modules was started and completed on time before the oven market introduction.