University of Wisconsin-Madison Physical Sciences Lab

Electrical Engineering Group

The PSL electrical engineering group is experienced in the design of motion control systems, process control systems, high speed analog and digital circuits, PLDs, FPGAs, and high voltage and power electronics. Utilizing a state of the art EECAD system, and an electronics shop with both test and production equipment, the group designs and constructs:

  • computer interfaces,
  • fast digital and analog processing modules,
  • high resolution motion control systems for monochromators and telescopes,
  • x-ray control systems,
  • particle accelerator control systems, and
  • other scientific instruments.

The PSL electrical engineering group delivers integrated systems that work under adverse conditions and with stringent requirements. We excel in electronic circuit design, application software, and systems integration.

Lead Engineer
Andy Laundrie — (608)877-2234

Example projects:

[DOM photo] IceCube Digital Optical Module

More than 3,500 DOMs have been produced for IceCube, a neutrino observatory at the South Pole.

Wolf Oven Testers Wolf Oven Diagnostic Testing Kit

Wolf Appliance is a manufacturer of high-end residential appliances, whose products are sold worldwide. They needed a service technician training module that could be shipped around the world and stored when not needed for training.