University of Wisconsin-Madison Physical Sciences Lab

NIST SURF3 Accelerator

Storage Ring Upgrade for the National Institute of Standards
and Technology

PSL was heavily involved in the design of the upgrade to the NIST electron storage ring SURF. The ring, previously upgraded by PSL in 1975, is a synchrotron light source for research and the calibration of far ultraviolet instruments. Because it is used for calibration, the storage ring must have an exceedingly accurate magnetic field (0.02%) in order to ensure a standard beam energy and orbit. It is unique in having a single large magnet for beam confinement, giving a precise uniform beam. PSL designed new steel, new magnetic coils and a field mapper. PSL and SRC jointly designed an upgraded control system that more accurately controls beam parameters. Construction began summer of 1997 and was completed in 1998. Beam was first captured in the new NIST storage ring in December of 1998. The commissioning of the accelerator was completed in just a few days. The magnetic field has proven to be extremely uniform. The upgrade has surpassed specifications in both stored current and energy.

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