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IceCube is a project that consists of many individual components. Each of these components are explained in greater detail on their own.

DOM photo IceCube Digital Optical Module

More than 3,500 DOMs have been produced for IceCube.

Enhanced Hot Water Drill Hose Reel Enhanced Hot Water Drill Hose Reel

The PSL instrument shop fabricated and assembled several major components of the enhanced hot water drill in collaboration with the UW-Madison ICDS. It is one of the biggest pieces of equipment ever made in the PSL shop.

Enhanced Hot Water Drill Enhanced Hot Water Drill

As part of the preparation for IceCube and its operation, PSL helped to develop, commission, maintain and improve the enhanced hot water drill to be capable of drilling over 2 kilometers deep in about 1.5 days.

Independent Firn Drill Independent Firn Drill

A “firn drill” is used for the first 50m of the hole. Hot water was circulated through copper tubing on the outside of the drill to melt snow by contact. It soon became apparent that quite a bit of time could be saved if the firn holes could be drilled independently at the same time as other main holes were being drilled.