Winter 2013/14

Working Together for Research


Ice Drilling, Design and Operations (IDDO) of UW-Madison works on projects that rarely are easily accessible.  Many of their projects are in places such as Alaska, Greenland and Antarctica that require small aircraft for access, such as the Twin Otter or Basler, in areas where a larger Hercules LC-130 would not be able to land.

One of their drills, that is in high demand is their 4-Inch Electromechanical Drill system or as it is referred to the agile drill. This easily mobile drill is used for projects to recover high quality ice core analysis. It also may be used for drilling access holes for placement of strain gauges and thermistor strings in the ice.

IDDO contacted PSL with work for the new barrels of this drill. PSL assisted with sanding and machining the new drill barrels prior to the barrels being sent out for plating.

Thank you to Kristina Slawny


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