Fall/Winter 2012

Jeff Jones gets everything there...on time.

The ARA supplies ready to go on the truck.

Success at the South Pole hinges on having your equipment. Nothing can take place if you do not receive your shipments on time.  While other university groups were waiting for their equipment to start work, the ARA crew was quite happy.  ARA was one of the first groups to receive all their equipment and that is in large part due to the experience of Jeff Jones who takes care of shipping at PSL.

Jeff has to take into consideration the size of the items which can range from very small to something as large as the hose reel.  Some items may be shipped by a regular carrier, but many items require a semi for pickup and transportation to a Naval base port in California from where it gets shipped to McMurdo base in Antarctica.  He also has to deal with insurance, export license, correct labeling and customs. Jeff explained part of his strategy, “Right when it gets picked up here, I send an email to the contractor’s office in Christchurch, New Zealand with information on the package. When it reaches them, they send me a tracking number which I then email to the guys at the Pole. This helps the guys at the Pole track their shipment.” He also tracks the shipments going by ship.

This way he always has an idea of where things are. Getting to know and keeping contact with many of the people along the route also helps keep his shipments on time.

Standing in front of the ARA hose reel before being shipped to the South Pole.
From left: Darrell Hamilton, Terry Benson, Jeff Cherwinka, Amy Pagac, Mike Hughes,
Jonathan Heise, Dan Wenman, Phil Johnson, and Jordon Bricco.



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