Summer 2013

Safety Manager Bruce Neumann

After nearly twelve years of work at the Kegonsa Research Campus, Bruce Neumann is leaving us for new opportunities. Bruce has been the Safety Manager for the entire KRC campus and was always making sure that safety standards were being followed. Not often is a safety manager liked by all.  All too often safety managers are viewed as someone who dictates to employees what they are doing wrong and told to correct it, without consideration to all factors involved. One employee from IceCube explained that Bruce worked with people to find the best solution to solve a safety issue. He worked with you, instead of against you.

Yet the best description of Bruce is his former assistant Jessica Larson who wrote, “Bruce instilled in me the value of maintaining positive work relationships in terms of mutual trust, respect, and open communication in order to perform your job as efficiently as possible. This is a lesson, I believe I will take with me for the rest of my working career and I have him to thank as a role model for this.”

Best wishes and good luck Bruce, from all at PSL.


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