Summer 2012

New Faces at PSL

We have welcomed several new people in the past months. 

Denise Westphal is our new human resource person, who we are happy to welcome.  She has extensive experience from the private sector in business administration.  Prior to joining PSL, she had been working with another UW department.

Jordon Bricco joined us last fall.  He is a mechanical designer, who previously worked in private industry.  He is married to Cara, who is a school teacher.  They are busy parents to 3 year-old Andrew and are awaiting arrival of their second child at the end of July. 

Brian Abraham joined us at the very beginning of this year, as a facility maintenance specialist.  He is very happy to have become a part of the PSL team and we are happy to have him on board. Brian has attended school for plumbing and industrial maintenance.  Prior to joining PSL, he worked as a plumber, glazier and HVAC installer. 

Employee Milestones for 2012

5 years of service
Jason Laffin
Deana Zentner
James Breitzman
Mike Coudray
Mike Hughes
15 years of service
Dan Wahl
Eric Espe
25 years of service
Mark Faber
30 years of service
Ken Kriesel

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