Summer 2012

Meet PSL Engineer Terry Benson

Starting from right: Terry Benson, Bart Dana, and Mike Hughes with the ARA drill hole qualifier.

If you are acquainted with PSL, more than likely you already know Terry.  He joined the PSL team in 2010, but officially moved into his office in 2011 after finishing up with IceCube and visit number six to the South Pole. Terry received his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree from the UW-Madison, while working as a student hourly for IceCube.

As busy as his professional life sounds, his personal life is even more active.  He is married to Jess, who is a veterinary technician and they are the proud parents of two small children, Nola 3 and Aiden 1. 

Currently, Terry is the lead engineer for ARA (Askaryan Radio Array).


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