Summer 2012

Finding Neutrinos at the South Pole

The Askaryan Radio Array (ARA) will be the latest addition of neutrino telescope at the South Pole. Unlike IceCube, which uses digital optical modules (DOMs) to detect neutrinos, ARA will be using antennas buried in the ice for picking up radio signals.  During the recent austral summer, Darrell Hamilton and Jonathan Heise joined the ARA team to work on the very beginning phases of the drilling portion of this project. 

The projected area of 100 square kilometers for ARA will dwarf the size of IceCube’s array, which is one square kilometer.This vast distance poses a whole new list of engineering and technical challenges to overcome with consideration to extreme temperature and mobility of large amounts of equipment.

This diagram shows the difference in size between the IceCube project and the ARA project.

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