Summer 2010
Update on the Large Hadron Collider from
U.W. High Energy Scientist Richard Loveless

The CMS Endcap Muon system is, by far, the largest cathode strip chamber system in the world.  The 473 large chambers are working extremely well with efficiencies of better than 99%. 

Now that the LHC Collider is working, these chambers have helped provide the outstanding data presented by CMS at the recent International Conference of High Energy Physics at Paris. 

It is very unusual for any large detector, such as CMS, to operate so well immediately at startup.  It's a great testament to the skills and hard work of the people, such as PSL engineers, who have built CMS.

PSL's Dan Wenman and Tim Sailor at CERN

In the lower right, PSL Instrument Maker Specialist Tim Sailor and Mechanical Engineer Dan Wenman working on the CMS endcap muon system.


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