Spring 2009

Photo of PSL Physicist Don Holly at MST

  • MST New Versatile Power Supply

    PSL Physicist Don Holly has designed and built a versatile new Programmable Power Supply for the Madison Symmetric Torus (MST) magnetic confinement machine.

  • IFD Was the Answer for IceCube at the South Pole

    As the semi trailer pulled out of the PSL parking lot loaded with its cargo of  South Pole IceCube drilling equipment, no one knew just how important that cargo would turn out to be. Since arriving at the Pole for the 2006-2007 drilling season, the Independent Firn Drill (IFD) has greatly improved drilling speed and efficiency. 

  • IceCube Surface Junction Boxes

    PSL is responsible for production of all surface junction boxes required for the IceCube Project. The boxes provide connections for power and signal cables above each vertical string of 60 digital optical modules, with electromagnetic shielding and mechanical protection against personnel and the elements.

  • Teamwork in the Business Office

    The business office of the Kegonsa Research Campus serves three units; namely, the Physical Sciences Laboratory(PSL), the Synchrotron Radiation Center (SRC) and its users, and the IceCube Research Center (IRC).

A Change to Electronic Format

Beginning with this issue, the PSL Observer is being e-mailed to over 2,000 faculty and academic staff on the UW-Madison campus. “This method of distributing our newsletter will save us time and money, and allow a wider distribution,” announces Farshid Feyzi, PSL Director.


“This is my last issue as PSL Observer Editor,” reflects Nancy Dopkins. “I am retiring after 15 years at the Physical Sciences Laboratory. I have acted as editor for the past 10 years.  It has been an enjoyable part of my job.  I want to thank all the PSL staff who have written and/or contributed to the PSL Observer.  There has also been several campus research staff who have provided me with material, pictures, and guidance.”

PSL Observer Staff

Farshid Feyzi, Director
Mark Faber, Assistant Director
Nancy Dopkins, Editor
Jason Laffin, Web Editor

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