Fall 2011

Tim Sailor Retires

Tim Sailor overseeing work on the Compact Muon Solenoid at CERN.

When trying to figure out how to best honor Tim Sailor, we realized the best person to ask was his former supervisor for over 25 years, Mr. Bill Cotter.

Bill was more than happy to reply with the words below about his former employee, colleague and friend.

He wrote, “Tim Sailor was a music instructor prior to becoming an instrument maker.  He often got asked what kind of instruments (music) he made and how did he get all those bends in the horns?

“He was our lead worker for many years and everyone in the shop and outside the shop went to him to solve difficult machining or assembly problems.  Whenever Tim was sent to work on anything away from PSL, whether it was on campus or half way around the world, you knew that whatever he worked on would be in better shape than when he arrived. 

“His uncanny ability to look at a machine/instrument and redesign or alter it in some way to make it work was a knack that only a few people possess.  I can’t count the times that someone came to the PSL instrument shop with an impossible task (mostly from engineers) and Tim was not only able to get things to work, but usually it was better than the original design. 

“Tim has the patience and drive to get things done and never once complained of putting in extra time to get the job done.   I supervised Tim for 25 plus years and never did he have a poor or medium performance review.  They were always excellent.”

Thank you to Bill Cotter and congratulations on your retirement, Tim.


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