Fall 2011

Inauguration of IceCube:
The World’s Largest Neutrino Detector

With a PSL sticker affixed to the top and signatures of those who helped make it possible, the last DOM (digital optical module) of 5,160 DOMs made its descent into the clear Antarctic ice, completing the task of construction of IceCube, the world’s largest neutrino detector. 

A formal celebration of its completion took place a few months later on April 28, 2011 and was hosted by University of Wisconsin’s Chancellor Biddy Martin.  Researchers, scientists, drillers, technicians, congressmen and many foreign dignitaries met in Madison, Wisconsin to celebrate and give words of praise. 

Speaking at the IceCube Inauguration was the National Science Foundation Director Subra Suresh who touched on the importance of IceCube to science.  He also spoke on the collaboration between IceCube, PSL and the financial benefits to the state of Wisconsin.  Director Suresh stated, “In 2009, the University calculated that $77 million had been spent in Wisconsin to design, engineer and build IceCube components, of that total $72 million stayed in Dane County where IceCube and its major technical and engineering partner, the University of Wisconsin Physical Sciences Laboratory are based.” 


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