Fall 2009

PSL has a New Engineer

During August of this year, we were happy to welcome Engineer Qiang Xiao to our staff. Born in China, Qiang  moved here from Beijing in 1997.  He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in material science and a PhD in mechanical engineering.

Prior to joining PSL, he was involved in the development of micro and nano-test equipment.

Qiang took time from his busy schedule in DaPeng, China to write a little on his new position with PSL and the Daya Bay Experiment.

Qiang writes: It’s a great place for me to work, since PSL is a well-known Research and Development Laboratory.  I am currently working on the Daya Bay Neutrino Oscillation Experiment in China near Hong Kong.  I am one of the engineers from PSL assigned to this task.  Jeff Cherwinka is the group’s leader. 

My principal duties in the project are: Participating in assembly of Anti-Neutrino Detectors on Daya Bay site, design  components in cooperation with project staff and help to interact with local assembly staff.


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