Special points of interest:
  • DUSEL - Underground at 4,850 Feet Creates Technical Challenges
  • Apparatus to help with future design of Nation's railways
  • Chancellor visits Kegonsa Research Campus
  • Chinese Lessons to assist Daya Bay Workers
  • New Engineer joins PSL Staff
  • From the Director's Desk
  • Employee Recognition
Fall/Winter 2009


  • DUSEL Creates Technical Challenges for the PSL Team of Engineers

    Physical Sciences Laboratory has embarked on a new neutrino oscillation research project.  The idea is to send an underground neutrino beam from Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois  to the Deep Underground Science Engineering Laboratory (DUSEL) that will be constructed deep in a gold mine in Lead, South Dakota.

  • Testing Apparatus for the Future of the Nation's Railways

    A prototype large-scale triaxial testing apparatus has been developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The triaxial test is used to investigate the mechanical behavior and the stability of railroad substructure under heavy freight haul or high speed trains.

  • Chancellor Martin Visits Kegonsa Research Campus

    The Director of PSL, Farshid Feyzi, along with the Director of the Synchrotron Radiation Center, Joe Bisognano, invited the chancellor to the Kegonsa Research Campus in order to introduce her to what takes place on this campus located 15 miles from U.W. Madison’s  main campus.

  • Chinese Instruction at PSL

    In June 2009 PSL introduced Chinese language lessons to employees working on the Daya Bay project.  The class meets weekly to learn basic words and phrases in order to improve communication while working in China, since the Chinese collaborators at Daya Bay are not so proficient in English.

  • PSL has a New Engineer
  • From the Director’s Desk: PSL is traveling the Globe
  • Employee Recognition