Fall 2009

From the Director’s Desk:
PSL is traveling the Globe

As you will see in this issue our projects are getting more global. We added a new engineer to our staff, Qiang Xiao, who will be working with the Daya Bay Project in DaPeng, China. Along with Lead Engineer Jeff Cherwinka, Dan Wenman, Andy Arbuckle, Darrell Hamilton. All of them have been busy traveling back and forth to China with barely time to get a break in between.

Darrell Hamilton recently traveled back to the South Pole to continue his work with IceCube.

Dan Wahl is working on a project for HAWC, which is a gamma ray observatory being built in Mexico.

Phil Robl and Farshid Feyzi recently traveled to study the Super-Kamiokande near Toyoma, Japan.

Ken Kriesel and Dan Wahl will be traveling to Sudbury, Ontario to study SNOLAB for the DUSEL Project.

Phil Robl, Ken Kriesel and Farshid Feyzi recently returned from Lead, South Dakota with a first hand assessment of the goldmine and what challenges they have to face with DUSEL.

Lee Greenler will be traveling to Canada to participate in a review for SNOLAB.

Tim Sailor and Farshid Feyzi have both taken turns traveling to work at CERN, home of the Large Hedron Collider. There has been much anticipation recently at PSL for start-up at CERN. We know the detectors are seeing results and we are looking to Geneva with great expectations.

And to top all that off, we are also learning Chinese!

Farshid Feyzi


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