Fall 2008

Farshid Feyzi named PSL Director

PSL Director Farshid Feyzi photo

Graduate School Dean Martin Cadwallader selected Farshid Feyzi from several applicants to be PSL director. Farshid assumed the position on September 15, 2008.

Farshid applied for the position because he believes the Physical Sciences Laboratory is an important resource for the UW as well as the state of Wisconsin. PSL has a long history of being involved in major physical sciences projects and has made major contributions to the research community at large. Farshid has spent most of his career at PSL, starting in 1983 as a project design mechanical engineer. By 1995 he was the Technical Director responsible for technical direction and oversight of all operations to meet the commitments of the Laboratory. He has developed a good working relationship with customers and staff over the years.

“I am very interested in seeing that the services offered at PSL continue to be available to the scientific community.” Farshid notes, “There are good people working here with many years of experience and expertise to offer.” Farshid starts his new position realizing that these are trying times both for the university and the larger scientific community. “Funding for large scale physics projects is being scaled down, and we will have to redirect our expertise to stay relevant.”

To begin with, he is pulling together a standing PSL Advisory Panel whose membership is to be composed of experts in physics, high energy physics, biomedical, etc. The panel will help identify the future structure and resources necessary for PSL to stay competitive. The panel will also provide advice on the business aspects of operating a fee for services enterprise in today’s marketplace.

Farshid is personally focusing on two or three long-term future projects which have potential for PSL involvement. This will mean gearing up our resources so that we are ready. Over the next few years, Farshid would like to upgrade both PSL facilities and equipment, and give the staff training opportunities to meet new challenges.

He also plans to expand our efforts to expose the science and business communities to PSL services and capabilities. “We are building a database of contacts—newly hired faculty and academic staff, Science Park residents, Department of Natural Resources—to name a few.”

Farshid sees a challenging but bright future for PSL as he takes the initiative in directing its future.


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