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Winter 2013/2014

PSL's Expertise Reaches Beyond Research
Large Hadron Collider Updates are Underway
In the Works, the Future’s Massive Neutrino Detector
Working Together for Research: IDDO and PSL
Finding, Testing and Helping Solve Problems
Designing a Precision Height Gauge for More Accurate Results

Summer 2013

Upgrades at CERN
Innovative Drill, Instrumentation and Hose Reel for ARA
Making Parts Work in Harmony
From a Galaxy Far Far Away
Safety Manager Bruce Neumann
Bring Your Child To Work Day

Fall/Winter 2012

ARA: A Place to Go Where Sounds Stop
ARA: Scientists Focus on Science
ARA: Terry Benson knows drilling at the South Pole
ARA: The PSL Shop meets the ARA deadline
ARA: Jeff Jones gets everything there...on time

Summer 2012

Theta 1 3 (θ13) Discovery at Daya Bay and the Engineering Behind It
A Device to Learn How People Hear
ARA: A Different Way to Detect Neutrinos
Centrifuge Calibration
Meet PSL Engineer Terry Benson
Employee Milestones

Fall 2011

DM Ice
Working at the South Pole
The Latest on MST
Inauguration of IceCube: The World's Largest Neutrino Detector
PSL Campus Office at the Wisconsin Institute of Discovery
Tim Sailor Retires
Employee Milestones

Spring/Summer 2010

IceCube: Mission Accomplished
New Project for Bill Cotter, Retirement
Surface Roughness and Conductivity
Update on the Large Hadron Collider
Meet our New Shop Supervisor
Achievement Award For CMS Construction
From the Director's Desk
Former PSL Director Thompson Passed Away

Fall 2009

DUSEL - Underground at 5,800 Feet Creates Technical Challenges
Testing Apparatus to help with future design of Nation's railways
Chancellor visits Kegonsa Research Campus
Chinese Lessons to assist Daya Bay Workers
New Engineer joins PSL Staff
From the Director's Desk
Employee Recognition

Spring 2009

MST New Versatile Power Supply
IFD Was the Answer for IceCube at the South Pole
Surface Junction Boxes
Team Work in the Business Office

Fall 2008

A Creative Group (fabrication staff)
PSL Has a New Director
Progress with Daya Bay
Providing Research Assistance
Comings and Goings
A Note from Dave Huber
News Briefs—DUSEL, University of Louisville, PSL website

Spring 2008 The CMS Cavern is Full
A New Marketing Image
Thomson Scattering Pulse Burst Laser Tool
Progress at Daya Bay
A New Look for PSL
Preliminary NSLS II Work
Seasonal Experiences
Improving Water Supply
Second Tour or Maybe His Third
Comings and Goings


2007 No newsletters


Fall 2006 Drafters Rule
Daya Bay Reactor Project
PSL Shop Assists Research
Firn Drill by Team Effort
Comings and Goings


Spring 2006 EHWD Improvements Delivered
DISC Shakedown
MST Work Continues
A Challenge Accepted
A Beautiful Case
Comings and Goings


Spring 2005 An Ice Coring Challenge
A Creative Sample
A Successful Year
First Impressions, Good Memories
PSL Employee News
Light at End of Tunnel
An Experimental Answer
Comings and Goings
FAT in the DFL
New Era in DOM Production


Fall 2004 DOMers, Smurfs,…
Data Retrieval
Assisting Researchers
Brainy Drill Heads
EHWD Deployment
Comings and Goings
News Briefs: Waisman Center, CMS endcap, NSLS, AMANDA, BTeV RICH, VUV-RAMAN spectrometer, PSL Project Staging Facility


Spring 2004 From Here to There
CMS Work Continues
Assisting University Stars
Two Grating Chambers
News Briefs: DOMs, Ice test well, DISC drill, PSL electronics, MST resistor tubes


Fall 2003 EHWD—The Making Step by Step
MST Receiving Upgrade
Comings and Goings
News Briefs: IceCube OM, SRC/BNL SGMs, CMS endcap, DISC drill, Elvehjem


Spring 2003 A Cold and Dark Place
CMS News
Shot Hole Drill Makes Good
Comings and Goings
ATLAS Chamber Positioner
News Briefs: IceCube, DOM, ANKA, BNL and SRC SGMs, Wadsworth chamber


Fall 2002 Giant In the High Bay
A Different Kind of Pill
Serial Test Card Electronics by Phil Robl
Shot Hole Drill Revamp
Comings and Goings


Spring 2002 Summer in Antarctica (one long day)
Coating Seeds for Research
Drill Hose Reel
CMS Project Update
News Briefs: MRI table, BNL Users Meeting Exhibitor


Fall 2001 CMS 2001
Comings and Goings
Shot Hole Drill System
Current Events: ANKA, BNL SGM, SRI conference, hot water drill, Waisman,
Rotating wall plasma machine, MST, collimator guides


Spring 2001 Antarctic Research Equipment Being Refurbished
Completion of the Tomotherapy Device
Photon Shutters for APS
A Grating Chamber for NSLS
News Briefs: CMS, NimbleGen, NIST, WIYN


Spring 2000 PSL and Plasma Physics
DNA Sequencers
CMS well under way
Current Events: Tomotherapy, IceCube, BNL polarizers, Salt Pill, in-vacuum


Fall 1999 HSX Produces Plasma
New Globes for AMANDA
Stockroom Upgrade Completed in July
CMS Endcaps on Schedule
Special Appreciation
Current Events: Grim Marriage, DCM, DNA sequencer, Tomotherapy, Space
Science antenna


Spring 1999 Tomotherapy on Schedule
NIST Upgrade
Microwave Interferometer
Comings and Goings


Fall 1998 CMS Construction Approved
ADR Salt Pill
Carl Baumann Retires
Computing Staff Profiles
Apprenticeship Awarded—Jay Johnson
Current Events: NIST, SRRC, UNICAT, AMANDA, Tomotherapy, CIM, HSX CDF


Spring 1998 NIST Upgrade
AMANDA Modifications
New CNC Mill
PSL Administration Profiles
Employee News—Carl Baumann
Current Events: Purdue Cones, Berkeley Polarizers, SRRC SGMs, ANKA DCM,
Tomotherapy, CMS Endcaps


Fall 1997 Profile of Support Staff
Transverse Target Magnet
Cones for Purdue
Current Affairs: UNICAT, NIST, Veterinary Science


Spring 1997 Profile of Maintenance Department
NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
KRC Open House
PSL Helps Design New Tomotherapy Prototype
Comings and Goings
Current Affairs: AMANDA, Purdue Cones, CMS, Polarizer, SSEC, Geology


Fall 1996 Personnel Department Profile
PSL Online
Double Crystal Monochromators Delivered to Argonne
Retirements—Art Penpek and Linwood Thomas
PSL Mass Produces Optical Modules
Assistant Director Honored
Current Affairs: SRRC, NIST, integral shutters (APS), Hermes, Third Wave, Wahl


Spring 1996 Business Services Department Profile
Compact Muon Solenoid
PSL Designs RICH
PSL Delivers Pohang “Broomstick” Monochromator
Carole Fosdahl Retirement; Grant Emmel Resignation; Eric Espe Hired
NIST design finished
HSX installed


Fall 1995 Electrical Engineering Profile
PSL Delivers SGMs for APS/UNICAT
Fred Middleton Retirement
Carmen Tortorici Wins Award
Bill Winter Memoriam
HSX assembled


Summer 1995 Instrument Shop Profile
PSL Helps Space Physics Program Map Hydrogen in the Galaxy
Computing Services Group Moves to DoIT
PSL to Drill Deep into Antarctic Ice
Far Infrared Interferometer Helps Scientists Study Density of Plasma


Summer 1994 Mechanical Engineering Profile
PSL Designs Drill for Study of Neutrinos at South Pole
PSL/SRC Business Services Implements New Accounting Software by Mark Faber
Engineering Departments Receive New PCs
PSL Designs Telescope for Study of Cherenkov Light at South Pole
PSL Designs Stereotactic Radiotherapy Hardware for Cancer Treatment


Spring 1994 Cooled Spherical Grating Monochromator Developed for ESRF
Quadruple Reflector Generates Circularly Polarized Light
New Concept Double Crystal Monochromator
Demise of Super Collider Project Presents New Opportunities for PSL
Kegonsa Kernels


Spring 1993 ZEUS—A Massive Detector to Study the Structure of Matter
Vax Cluster software available
Spherical Grating Monochromators (various designs)
Employee Assistance
PSL Promotions (new logo)
Who is PSL?
Safety Policy and Procedures Handbook


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