University of Wisconsin-Madison Physical Sciences Lab

New PSL Newsletter for Summer 2013

Friday, July 12th, 2013

  • Upgrades at CERN

    The Large Hadron Collider is shutdown for two years for maintenance and upgrades. PSL engineer Dan Wenman traveled to Geneva for some maintenance work, and will be returning soon to perform the upgrades.

  • Innovative Drill, Instrumentation and Hose Reel for ARA

    With all the success behind the IceCube drill, it might seem simple to use the same design and build a similar but smaller hot water drill for ARA.

  • Making Parts Work in Harmony

    Sitting across the table and listening to Ron Smith discuss his years of work, you see someone who really appreciates the coincidences that brought him to PSL.

  • From a Galaxy Far Far Away

    The IceCube neutrino telescope detected two high power neutrinos that researchers believe are from further out in our galaxy, or are from another galaxy.

  • Safety Manager Bruce Neumann

    After nearly twelve years of work at the Kegonsa Research Campus, Bruce Neumann is leaving us for new opportunities.

  • Bring Your Child To Work Day

    Dan Wenman’s daughter, Emma was here to see what it is like to be a PSL engineer.