University of Wisconsin-Madison Physical Sciences Lab

PSL builds “Ozone Annihilator”

Monday, August 20th, 2012

PSL recently built an ozone elimination chamber for UW Cytogenetic Services. This chamber is used to lower ozone levels which compromises the quality of fluorescent dyes on a microarray slide.

Based on an example in the UW Biotechnology Center of a design from Stanford, this chamber is built of Plexiglas. Air is drawn into the filter on the top of the box, removes the ozone, then pumps the filtered air into the chamber at the rate of 40 cubic feet per minute. This system changes the air in the box every minute; greatly surpassing the current recommendation of eight to nine air changes per hour. The chamber’s custom dimensions are three feet tall, four feet wide, and two feet deep, according to lab requirements. This design as well as customized sizes can provide additional space for additional ozone sensitive applications.

These customizable units offer a filter box with a three year warranty, capacity to upgrade to a higher 70 cubic feet per minute, and streamlined design.

The Ozone chamber installed at UW Cytogenetics Services.

A close-up of the ozone filter unit.