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First Tank Full at Daya Bay

Friday, May 13th, 2011

News from DayaBay is great: First antineutrino detector has been filled successfully. This sounds simple. It was anything but. Three concentric vessels had to be filled simultaneously with 3 separate fluids weighing 100 total tons. Since the two inner ones are very thin, they could have been damaged if this was not done right. This would have been a huge problem!

PSL did all the engineering, controls, testing and most of the construction for the filling system. We also did the engineering and much of the construction for the vessels, fittings, filling lines, measurement systems, etc.

This is a great achievement and we should all feel very proud. It keeps building our great reputation.

The image below is a picture of the detector vessel, which is 10 meters tall, being filled at Daya Bay.

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